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How to Become Great at Soccer

Do you want to make your high school varsity team?  Do you want to play professional soccer?  Do you want to finally achieve your dreams?  Do you want to become a great soccer player?

Then it’s time to learn how to play soccer. But not just how to play, how to play well.

Soccer is a game of dreams.  The ability to play well, extremely well, can make you a living.  It can give you glory.  And most of all it provides an endless amount of fun.

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Soccer Passing Drills

Passing is a skill that has to be repeated over and over.   By repeating passing with the correct technique using these drills, you are creating muscle memory.

I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to practice passing over and over. It’s the skill you will use the most on the pitch.

These drills will help you practice your passing. Utilize them:

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Soccer Dribbling Drills

Dribbling with skill requires hours of constant practice.

It’s well worth it though. Dribbling well is one of the most satisfying aspects of soccer.

Use these drills to become a better dribbler of a soccer ball:

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Soccer Center Midfielder Guide

The center midfielder’s acts as the ball distributor, passing the ball to the wingers and forwards. A good center midefielder controls possession and thus controls the game.

The center-midfielder must by technically talented, but doesn’t necessarily need to be as fit as the other positions.

Here are the aspects of a center midfielder:

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Soccer Shooting Tips

There are some things that are general to shooting but don’t quite fit into the many articles in our soccer shooting guide.

The general tidbits of information are called tips.  These tips will fill in the gaps when it comes to certain aspects of shooting.

Here are 9 soccer shooting tips:

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Soccer Dribbling Tips

It’s important to learn how to dribble properly. While the other page on The Complete Soccer Guide focuses on technique, this page provides general dribbling tips.

These tips will help you improve your dribbling ability. Make sure to apply them the next time you’re on the pitch.

Here’s 12 soccer dribbling tips:

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Soccer Ball Control Tips

Ball control isn’t a flashy skill, but it’s very important. In my opinion it’s the most important skill in soccer. Without it, you’re nearly useless on the pitch.

Use these tips to improve your ball control. Work at it daily and you will notice improvements fast.

Here’s 9 soccer ball control tips:

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Soccer Shooting Drills

Shooting requires perfection in both accuracy and power.  The only way to master both attributes is to learn the proper technique, then practice.  These soccer shooting drills will help you to practice.

Most of these drills require a partner.  If you don’t have a partner, there’s always old fashion shooting on goal.  If you can, at least bring a goalie along.

Individual Shooting Drills

Don’t use not having a goal as an excuse! If you have access to a goal, by all means use it. However, if you don’t, use anything to practice. You can shoot at a sturdy fence for instance. Also, using a goalie with these drills is great, if you have access to one.

Drill 1

Every time you shoot, the ball will be moving or you will be dribbling. This drill accounts for this.

Take a touch with the inside of your foot and shoot. Take a touch with the outside of your foot and shoot. Use both feet. Roll the ball forwards and shoot. Try different variations.

Drill 2

This drill will take the skills you practiced in drill 1, and make it more game-like.

Dribble then shoot. Repeat the variations from drill one. Dribble, then cut to the outside and shoot, cut to the inside, etc. Start off slow, then increase speed when you are more comfortable.

Drill 3

In a game, you usually won’t get a free shoot. You often have to dribble past defenders to shoot. Now we will add in defenders.

Position cones before your shooting area. You first need to beat these cones before shooting. You can cut before you reach the cone or try a move. You should also position one cone at your shooting area. Fake a shoot, and cut away from this cone before shooting.

Drill 4

This drill will help you to become accustomed to shooting from different places.

Set up balls randomly around your shooting area. Take a touch, shoot a ball, then sprint to the next one and repeat. Remember to practice ball-peak ball with this drill. That is, look at ball to take a touch, take a peak at the goal, then stare at the ball while you shoot.

Shooting Drills With Partner

These shooting drills can be performed with a partner. If you have more than one partner, the extra partner can lightly defend you during the drills.

Drill 1

Sometimes in a game, you will pass the ball and your teammate will lay it off to you. This is a great scoring opportunity. This drill models that.

Have a partner stand back against the ball. Play the ball to your partner and have him lay it off to you. Strike the ball into the goal. Have your partner lay it off to both sides and use both feet.

You can vary this drill in many ways. Try taking a touch before shooting or shooting one touch. Have your partner flick the ball up or through the ball in the air. You could even take the ball with speed to the goal and finish.

Drill 2

Many times in a game, you will receive a pass and shoot. This drill attempts to mimic that situation.

Stand at the top of the box. Have a partner pass you the ball, receive it, and shoot. You can also make a run to the top of the box and receive the pass. You can also had your partner pass it to you and shoot from a long distance.

Drill 3

Sometimes crosses are placed on the ground. When you receive one you want to be ready, as this is an easy scoring opportunity. This drill will allow you to practice finishing crosses.

Have a partner cross you the ball on the ground. Shoot the ball into the corner with either one of two touch. It is especially important to get your body in front of the ball on this drill because you will receive very hard pressure in the box.

Become a Better Shooter

Our Soccer Shooting Guide is the most in-depth guide to shooting on the net.  It is a collection of many articles, that will develop you shot from the ground up (if you choose).  Players who read and implement the guide notice drastically improved shooting ability

Look at our free Soccer Shooting Guide

Soccer Ball Control Drills

Ball control seems simple, but mastery takes practice, more practice than any other skill.  Coaches recommend practicing ball control the most.  I agree.  If I had the choice of choosing just one skill to practice 20 minutes a day, I would choose ball control.

To master ball control, you need to touch the ball.  These drills allow you to work on many different types of touches, and will help you warm up for a soccer practice or training session.  Do them every training session if possible.

Happy Feet

The names a favorite with young kids.  Use the inside of both feet and touch it back and forth between your legs.  The ball will move to far in front or behind you at first.  When it does, stop, move the ball back between your legs, and start again.

After you have gotten the hang of it, make your touches precise.  The ball should move gently between your feet.  Try increasing speed.  Try glimpsing up then looking back at the ball.  Eventually, you will be able to do this drill without ever looking at the ball.


This seems like a simple drill, but it actually can be quite hard.  Alternate touching the top of the ball with the balls of your feet.  Touch the ball lightly.  If you feel frustrated, stop and try again tomorrow.  This drill can be frustrating, and continuing through frustration can ruin your motivation.

Once you feel comfortable, you can increase the speed of your touches.  When you are moving fast, this can be a tiring exercise.  You can also try having another player do toe-touches on one side of the ball while you do them on the other.

Sole Roles

This drill will make you comfortable using the sole of your feet.  Roll the ball to one side with one foot than to the other side with your other foot.  Hop slightly with the foot you roll the ball with when transitioning from one foot to the next.  This drill is very challenging for players not used to the sole touch.


This drill is tricky at first, but you will soon get a handle on it.  Pull the pull toward the foot that you pull it with. Then touch it with the inside of that foot to your opposite foot.  With the opposite foot, touch the ball forward and a little to the side of the pulling foot.  Then pull it back and start again.

Try to keep it as tight and fast as possible.  This drill is all about rhythm, staying light, and hopping with the foot not currently on the ball.  It improves different touches and builds the motion for a v-pull (a soccer move).

Pull and Cut

Pull the ball behind your leg.  Then touch it with the inside around your other leg without turning your body.  Then do it the opposite way.

This drill also requires a good amount of rythum and will take a bit to get used to.  Hopping with the opposite is a must in this drill, or you will find it nearly impossible to develop a rhythm.

Improve your Ball Control

This article is part of our soccer ball control guide, an in-depth guide that allows you to learn and then train the skill.  This is the last article, but you should read the other articles if you haven’t.  If you have finished the guide, you should look at our soccer dribbling guide.

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