Soccer Shooting Tips

Soccer Shooting Tips

Technique isn’t the only aspect of shooting you should focus on.

I constantly see players with good shots that could score more goals if they made simply tweaks to their play.

This article will cover everything important about shooting that isn’t covered in our articles How to Shoot a Soccer Ball With Power and Accuracy, How to Kick a Soccer Ball, and 7 Types of Soccer Shots.

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Soccer Winger Guide

The winger is a deadly position. Wingers sprint down the sideline into open space, cross the ball, and beat other players 1 vs 1. They can score and play defense.

Good wingers are disciplined and push through physical pain.

A winger plays on the sides of the field (there is a left and right winger). They usually play near the sidelines but occasionally move to the middle of the pitch.

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Soccer Benefits – 8 Reasons to Play Soccer

I’ve played soccer regularly for 15 years. I keep playing because there’re many benefits.  I prefer playing soccer to any other activity. If you’re unsure whether soccer is worth playing, consider these 8 benefits: 8 Reasons to Play Soccer 1. Simple Soccer requires one ball and a space to play. The space doesn’t have to be large. Grass … Read moreSoccer Benefits – 8 Reasons to Play Soccer

7 Best Soccer Moves and Tricks to Beat a Defender

Best Soccer Moves and Tricks

Soccer moves help you beat defenders. A good move will put defenders off balance allowing you to dribble past them into open space.

Too many players use soccer moves and tricks to show off, rather than be effective on the field. Doing moves should help you beat defenders quickly – not waste time unnecessarily.

You don’t need to learn tons of moves and tricks to beat defenders. Most great players use a few great moves that they’ve mastered.

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