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Soccer Benefits – 8 Reasons to Play Soccer

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Playing soccer (or signing your child up to play) is beneficial in many ways.

Here are 8 benefits or reasons to play soccer:

8 Reasons to Play Soccer


Nearly every other major sport requires individual equipment, a specific area to play in, or both.

Golfers need clubs. Lacrosse and hockey players require sticks. Football players need pads and a helmet. Basketball players need a court and hoop.

Soccer requires one ball and a space to play.

Regrettable, you must purchase cleats and shin-guards to play competitively; however, you still require less equipment than other sports, and you can play almost anywhere.

Something For Everyone

Anyone that can kick a ball can play soccer. It’s a blast for beginners and experts alike.

Beginners love soccer because it’s quick to pick up and play. There is inherent joy in kicking a ball around (even if you’re not very good).

Soccer can also be complex. If you want to play competitive, you must hone many skills, learn strategies, and develop incredible fitness. Even experts can always improve, and with each improvement, players enjoy playing more and more.

Work Ethic

To become successful at soccer, you need good work ethic. You need to train hard, and focus on your play.

Coaches and teammates push players to develop better work ethic, and when players work hard and succeed they build confidence (which translates to all aspects of life).


Leaders often form on a soccer pitch. Players learn that their teammates need someone to guide them in the right direction.

Through trial and error, players learn how to lead effectively.


Through good examples by coaches and teammates, players learn what it takes to play a sport gracefully.

Bad sportsmanship is punished, and most players discover the value of great sportsmanship.


At first, players get frustrated when they can’t get something right. They eventually realize that through perseverance, their ability as a player will improve.

Players may have to overcome injuries, cold streaks, bad coaches, and more. All these things teach perseverance.


Through soccer, players develop fitness and create positive fitness habits.  They learn what it takes to be in shape, and work at it.

Soccer players tend to become lean and muscular.  They develop endurance from constantly running, and muscles from work-outs.

Players tend to think more about nutrition and drug use.  They want to play to their full potential so they avoid drugs and unhealthy food.

When players are playing they are not watching TV, playing video games, or texting.  They are getting a full work-out that teaches them healthy habits.


Soccer players often make friends with their teammates.  Teammates share a common bond which promotes a sense of unity and fosters friendships.

Some teammates even become lifelong friends.

Plus More

As you play soccer, you will discover other benefits. Soccer is brilliant in many ways, and you can only discover it’s beauty by playing.

It has the power to transform life’s, the power to bring a lifetime of joy.

My recommendation: start playing the world’s most popular sport. You won’t regret it.


Ready to start playing? Learn how to play soccer.

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